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How to make gluten free bread with Senza

how to make gluten free bread using Senza, with andrea cozzolino



Hi, my name is Andrea from Senza Wellness Foods. Today, I want to show you how to make bread with the Senza flour in the comfort of your own kitchen. Before we start to make our dough, let me tell you the characteristics of this flour. It's not only gluten free and vegan, but also has an amazing flavor with the sourdough inside.

Okay. Let's get started.


  • 900 ml of water
  • 10 grams of dry yeast
  • 1 kg of Senza Gluten Free Flour
  • 30 grams of salt


  • Let's start the mixer. After a few minutes that we mix our dough, we are ready to pour the oil so we are going to put 20 ml of olive oil.
  • Now, we can increase the speed of the machine. Let's put medium. (Tip: Wear gloves to remove the dough. To help you remove the dough from the mixer, spray a small amount of oil onto your dough).
  • Once the dough is on the bench, we are ready to pour some Senza Rice Flour on the top to make a nice shape that we decide. (Tip: Leave the dough to rise in a container that is well covered).
  • Once that your bread has risen, we are ready to do 3 little cuts that will help the bread to cook better on the inside and we'll put some olive oil on the top to make the whole bread nice and crispy. The oil will, help the bread to make a crispy crust.
  • Okay. Let's bake this beautiful bread in the oven: 220 degrees for 30 minutes.
  • Finally, all sourdough rustic bread is ready. What a smell.